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Ant Cule Reviews… Discovering All The Things An Aeropress Can Do

Have you ever thought you know a piece of equipment, only to discover its boundaries are far wider than they appeared? That’s exactly what happened to me with the Aeropress.

For those who haven’t read my review on coffee, I suggest you do, just to get a flavour of how much I love the taste of that sweet brown muck. I now own four different methods of getting my sweet coffee fix. The Aeropress, the coffee pod machine, the caffetierre and the Moka express. I have no preferred way of getting my coffee. It all tastes good. Or at least, I had no preferred way. Until now.

It began with me in the kitchen, making a cup of coffee with my Aeropress. For Christmas, my girlfriend and my sister got me coffee bean subscriptions from here. Each of these bean packets comes with a little card- board flap which describes the best way to get maximum flavour from these particular beans. I saw these beans were best made using the Aeropress, so I made them in the usual way, as recommended on the packet of the Aeropress. That is to say, put in the grounds, put in some water, let it sit, stir it, let it sit, press it. And that made a very tasty cup. But something about the instructions as written in the card- board flap gave me pause for thought.

They showed the coffee brewing in the Aeropress… upside-down.

My stomach danced. They couldn’t mean it, could they? And yet it made so much sense. It’s long been a bugbear of mine that as you let the water and coffee grounds mingle in the Aeropress, it starts pouring through into the cup below… but to brew it upside-down… It couldn’t work… Could it?

The very next day I tried. And I took photos. And it worked! My boundaries had been extended! I found a new way to use this remarkable piece of technology to extract yet more delicious flavour from the coffee without prematurely sending it into the cup. And ordinarily that would be where it all ended.

img_1768 img_1770 img_1769 img_1774 img_1773 img_1775

But then I discovered this. And I have not. Stopped. Experimenting. And the results have been delicious. Like, seriously, some of the best coffee I have ever made.

Overall I highly recommend grabbing something you thought you knew the limits of, and discovering what else it can do. The Internet is a great resource, be- cause other people have done the trial and error for you and you just get the sweet sweet caffeine infused nectar.

Ant Cule Reviews… Drinking Water

Water. Water of life. Jesus gives us the water of life.

That’s what the hymn told me, way back in prep school. But I feel like I didn’t quite appreciate the key message of this hymn. Water OF LIFE. (jesusgivesusthe) WATER OF LIFE. WATER = LIFE.

Water is life.

That’s what they were trying to tell me. It wasn’t about who gives us the water. It was about how important water is. It’s crucial to survival. Every so often I’ll have a period of time that reminds me just how much water is necessary even to just sit around. So think about when you’re rushing from place to place. Your body is clever, so if you’re focussing on something else it won’t bother you with how thirsty you are until you get a raging headache and feel like you’re going to keel over.

And man oh man, drinking water is so good. It’s like the clear liquid we all need to survive. It’s like the most refreshing feeling imaginable. Okay, imagine a dry patch of sand (this is your mouth) and now imagine pouring some water on it (drinking some water) THAT’S HOW GOOD IT IS TO DRINK WATER! Or imagine a clear liquid that anyone can drink and it alleviates their thirst – THAT IS WATER!!! Imagine a universal drink with life-giving properties THAT’S WATER!!!!!! And by universal I mean, literally, universal for all life forms that we know of so far – WATER!!!!! The great liquid!!!! The wonderful stuff!!!! Imagine a drink you can bathe in- WATER!!!! A drink you can dab onto your wrists when you’re too hot- WATER!!!! A drink you can boil pasta or vegetables in- WATER!!!!!


Overall I highly recommend drinking water every day, for refreshment from the versatile clear drinking liquid. Water.

(this post has been brought to you by Water – “Mmm, that’s a good clear liquid.”)

Ant Cule Reviews… Drinking Hot Coffee

It’s Monday guys. Just in case you hadn’t noticed. But I bet most of you had! I know I did. And how did I come to realise it was Monday?

Because I drank a glorious cup of HOT COFFEE!

And suddenly, my day-telling prowess increased by around about three-fold. No longer did I have a head weighed down by work-a-day worries; I had a head SPINNING with WONDERFUL COFFEE FEEL! I also was able to function like a normal human being (finally AM I RIGHT?!) – to answer emails, to pace around frantically, to wonder if there is a god, to rub my temples seriously, to gawp at a frog, JUST LIKE ANY MEMBER OF THE HUMAN RACE!! All because of a simple hot cup of coffee!

The drinking process I prefer is thus:

  • Make the coffee.
  • Sniff the coffee.
  • Drink the coffee.

Let’s unpack that a bit.

Make the coffee. You can do this however you prefer. I prefer to use coffee beans and smash them into a fine powder and then douse them in scalding hot water. I find this makes for a great mug o’ the brown stuff.

Sniff the coffee. 90% of coffee is consumed in the smell. The rest is just a thin brown gruel. It’s a widely accepted fact that coffee smells great and kick starts your brain like a great jolt of electricity kick starts your nether regions.

Drink the coffee. Gulp down the bitter nectar with a grimace.

Not convinced?

Okay. So let’s go back to that Monday feeling shall we?

How we all look on a Monday morning. Every. Single. One of us.

That’s how we all look on a Monday. Every single one of us souls. Without exception. But with the simple addition of one cup o’ steaming joe, we can all feel like this:

Me, after a glorious cup of coffee. And you, also. And everyone.

So join me in raising a steaming hot cup of coffee a little too high in the air and declaring “We love this stuff, it makes us feel like normal folks!”

Overall, I highly recommend drinking hot coffee on a Monday, or indeed any day of the week. For a similar feeling, boil up some grit and tar and gulp that down! All hail coffee!