I returned to my reading nook. A red armchair with a footrest next to the bookshelf. The door to the balcony was open; the sound of children playing in their gardens drifted through the cool, post-rain evening air.
I was only reading a short book, 40 pages from the end. So I just kept reading, and the light, without me noticing grew fainter and fainter. I was in another place; in California with Oedipa Maas trying to figure out the ins and outs of ancients postal systems. And then, before I knew it, I was reading by the street-light outside our balcony.

This is what I was reading

It took me back to reading by the light from the landing coming in under my bedroom door; reading the book of the film of The Jungle Book. I remember the drawings. The feeling of breaking some rule, but being too engrossed to care. I can’t remember if I was ever caught.
I probably was.
Overall, I highly recommend reading until it gets dark. It’s soothing and relaxing and can be an unexpected trip down memory lane. You could also try having a warm bath and watching childhood videos. If you have a VHS player.  And a bath.