You may have noticed, it is cold in the UK.

If you’re not reading this in the UK, which means ‘United Kingdom’ (even though we have had a queen for a long time), then know this – it is cold here.

Ordinarily I like the cold. I love wrapping up warm, wearing scarves, many layers, hats, gloves – essentially wearing a bed outdoors. And in December I was dismayed that whenever I did that I ended up sweating. I had to suffice with wearing a light jacket. A light jacket! In December!

All of that changed – well, okay, none of that has changed, but still – when I ‘did’ my ACL (which means anterior cruciate ligament) in 2012. Without going into too much details IT WAS TERRIBLE AND PAINFUL. And I had to have an operation, and couldn’t walk for a long time.

The upshot of which is, when it gets cold my knees ache. Boy, do they ache! Dang! One owing to the operation, I suppose, where the doctor rootled around in my knee. The other, probably owing to a changed gait, putting pressure on all sorts of weird parts of my knee.

I can feel a cold snap coming in my knees. In my knees! I’m only just out of my mid 20s! My knees!

All in all I wouldn’t recommend having knees that feel the cold, as it makes you feel prematurely old. For a similar ability to predict the weather, invest in a barometer.