Hi there! I’m Ant Cule.


Welcome to Ant Cule Reviews… Being Alive.

Here’s the thinking behind this site. There’s a problem with most review sites and that is… They’re so specific: Music, Films, Make-up, Jewellery, Gigs, Plays… Essentially, trying to convince you or inform you if something is worth buying or going to or not. Which is great. All well and good.

But I think there’s room for a bit more of an obtuse approach to the whole act of reviewing. Be a bit more general. So the thinking behind this site is that I will review little acts of being alive: taking a nap, having a bath, reading a good book.

And this isn’t a gimmick thing, where I put myself under unnecessary duress to show my survival skills or how stupid I am. It’s more a sharing of the human experience.

I suppose the thing is, we all experience the world through the filter of our own experience, don’t we? We’re all different. But we’re all the same.  We all come from the same smashing together of a sperm and an egg. We all live under the same sky. It’s the weird contradiction about being a person. We’re all so different, and yet so the same.

So basically I thought it might help understand this a bit more if I review what it’s like to get a dead leg.